Chemicals are essential in our everyday lives, as well as in the making of our clothes. Most of the chemicals, if used correctly, are completely harmless. However, some chemicals can be harmful to people or nature and we are continuously working to replace those chemicals with better alternatives.

Chemicals are an incredibly useful resource. Textile dyeing and finishing still requires considerable quantities of water and a large number of chemicals, which inevitably leaves an environmental footprint. We uphold the strictest standards of handling chemicals to avoid any hazardous chemicals from being-present in our supply chain.

It’s equally important to ensure safe working conditions for the people making the products.

No hazardous chemicals to be used

We ban chemicals considered as hazardous for use in the production process and set limit values for finished products through the H&M Group chemical restrictions list, which all suppliers are contractually bound to comply with.

Chemicals identified as hazardous should neither be used during production nor be detectable in products. If we find a product that does not comply with our restrictions, we take immediate action to ensure the best possible solution taking into consideration people’s health and the environment. Any occurrence of non-compliance would trigger a thorough root cause analysis and result in a plan on how to avoid any recurrence.

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