Care for your clothes

The largest part of a garment’s life is spent in the hands of the consumer, so the way we look after our clothes really do make a difference. Here, we’ve gathered some sustainable pro tips for a wardrobe that lasts longer.

Just by looking after your clothes in a more thoughtful way, you can reduce your carbon footprint — and your energy bill. Because 21 % of the environmental impact in a garment’s life actually occurs after it has left the store.

Wash when dirty

We’ve all been there. Clothes sometimes have a tendency to end up in the laundry bad without even being that dirty. Instead, hang the clothes inside-out on a hanger and air them. If they are wrinkly, the best advice is to hang them in your bathroom while taking a bath or a shower — it'll have the same effect as a steamer. Also, try and remove stains manually — you needn’t wash the whole thing just because of a tiny stain.

Keep it cool

The colder the better, at least when it comes to washing temperatures. Modern detergents work just as good in colder water. And the shorter the program, the lesser the carbon footprint. Washing at 60 degrees requires double the energy than a 30-degree program, so choose wisely — and you can save up on your energy bill.

Line up

Although no one can argue that the tumbler is very convenient, drying your garments on a washing line or a clotheshorse is a whole lot better for the environment.

Do the homework

All clothes from the brands within the H&M Group are marked with the Clevercare label, go to Clevercare for more information and advice on how to make your clothes last longer. Don't do it just for your wardrobe, do it for the sake of our planet.

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